As a prospective international student you are on the doorstep of a great adventure. Here's how you apply at Wellantcollege.

  • Simply send an email to mrs. Kirsten van Loon of our International Office (IO).
  • Please include your full name plus your current school and study.
  • Also mention what you're looking for (internship, ECVET unit, etc).
  • Last but not least include which period of the year you're aiming at.
  • Don't forget your contact details (at least you email and phone).

What happens when a student first contacts our International Office

We assist international students with their application and inform them about study programmes. But we also pave the road, so to speak. If students encounter problems, we help them as much as we can. We try to work as quickly and effectively as possible. When students apply, we try to respond within three working days. We strive to complete an application within two weeks, providing the student has sent all necessary documents.

What happens when a student has permission to come?

For starters, he or she needs a place to live…

How to communicate with the International Office

Once you get in touch with IO, you get your own personal contact person. Any time you have questions or problems, you can contact this person. This way you already know someone when you arrive and you know who to approach when you have questions or problems.

So at the International Office they basically know each student before they arrive?

Sometimes it is hard to get a visa for a student and we have to work really hard. When that student finally arrives, steps into our office and introduces himself, he thinks he is unknown. But we have heard his name so often by then, that sometimes it's hard to hide our enthusiasm. You will hear the IO employees say "Aaah, there you are!"

Any advise students who are thinking about studying at Wellantcollege?

Make sure you apply in time, preferably at least three months in advance. Prepare yourself well and think hard if this is really what you want to do. It has to be a conscious and thought-over decision, because it is not a small step. Make sure you ask us as many questions as you can, it might help you make the decision easier.

Stuur door

Please contact Kirsten van Loon

+ 31 30 634 51 41