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Are you an international student, teacher or staff? The International Office is here to help! It's our information and service centre for international relations.

The International Office plays an important part in the admission of international students to Wellantcollege and provides practical information about accommodation, financial matters, loans, work, insurances, etc. 

Its main role is to prepare and implement Wellantcollege's internationalization policy. More specifically, the daily activities of the International Office include collaboration with international partners, development and administration of our network, exchange program administration, international mobility, development cooperation, and housing for international guests.

"International students need to prepare a lot more than Dutch students. We help you get through the whole process and make sure your adventure of studying and living in the Netherlands will happen without any trouble."

- Kirsten van Loon, International OfficeWe try to work as quickly and effectively as possible. We try to respond to emails within three working days. Please note that during the holidays it may be more difficult to contact Wellantcollege and its International Office.

  • 'Initially I was uncertain about many aspects of going abroad. But the International Office at Wellant helped my out in a great way. Upon arrival, I felt well prepared and ready to enjoy this adventure.'
    - María Reyes

  • 'The Dutch public transportation is so good and everything so close that you have no excuse not to go explore the country and visit as many places as you can. It's easy to discover the country!'
    - Josh Jones

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