Meet our officers


Andre Huigens ECVET expert representative TDA

André Huigens: senior staff advisor, involved in many European projects concerning European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) as an EQF expert. Member ECVET-TEAM facilitators. Member ECVET expert team in The Netherlands.              Representing  Wellantcollege in The Dutch Alliance (TDA) network.

Ton Stok senior staff advisor chairman EUROPEA nl

Ton Stok: senior staff advisor. Chairman of  Europea network in the Netherlands. Representative in regard to the European carousel of partnerschools, as well as subsidies / grant programs.



Gerrit van Dieren Advisor International Office

Gerrit van Dieren: advisor with regard to projects outside of Europe. Organising internships for foreign students for example finding them a place to stay and guiding them during their stay in the Netherlands.



Bert van der Graaff Co-operator International Office Administrative Manager mobilities

Bert van der Graaff: co-operator international affairs. Administrative manager of mobilities abroad  for students and staff. Representative and point of contact concerning Erasmus+ subsidies.


Kirsten van Loon co-operator International Affairs Administrative Manager Procedures

Kirsten van Loon: co-operator international affairs. Administrative manager and securing procedures. First point of contact for all your questions.




Meet the programme manager International Affairs at  Wellantcollege

Jan Jeronimus: programme manager International Affairs. Policy advising and development, staff positions, leading and coordinating all current activities.

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