Indian guests from Kashmir paying particular attention to horticulture

10 december 2016 09:52 - Door Office of International Affairs



Last week Wellantcollege received a government delegation of Kashmir, India, who had a particular interest in horticulture as well as in the associated education in the Netherlands.

Our Wellant colleagues explained everything about the Dutch educational system, the attention payed to the concept of ‘learning by doing’ and the value of practical skills and learning outcomes, the latter providing clarity about what to expect from participants after they have accomplished their educational trajectories.

The Indian government wants to take the cultivation of food products to a higher level by increasing the yield and enhancing food quality. Also, their attention is focussed on matters like sustainability in general and food safety in particular.

To achieve these goals India reaches out to countries with a high level-agriculture and -horticulture like the Netherlands. Wellantcollege can play a role in this process. Recently Wellantcollege became a member of the PIB program (Partners for International Business); the network wants to contribute to a flourishing fruit cultivation in Northern India.

The delegation visited a fruit cultivation company in the Wellant area. Our guests visited the orchards as well as the available cooling equipment. They experienced the packaging processes, including those for remote destinations like China, Dubai and India.

The meeting was concluded by a pleasant discussion in which different subjects concerning fruit cultivation came up, fanning out in various directions.

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