A fruitful Chinese visit

06 oktober 2016 11:20 - Door International Office


Last week a delegation of teachers and students from the Suzhou Polytechnic Institute of Agriculture, a large green educational center in China, visited the Dutch fruit sector.

The delegation mainly focused on the process of harvesting currently taking place and the matching mechanization.

Led by Gerrit van Dieren, Officer at Wellant's International Office, our Chinese guests obtained valuable insight in aspects of management, food safety and awareness of environmental issues.

The Chinese educational center wants to contribute to the attempt of moving China forward with the help of Wellant’s expertise in these matters.

Of course there was the possibility to taste all the available products as well: fresh fruit (without rinsing or peeling), applepie and pure apple juice.

Paired with the beautiful weather and the fantastic surroundings, the Chinese visit to Holland was without doubt a succesful one!

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