International flower competition in Slovakia

14 november 2016 10:12 - Door International Office



No less than 20 teams of students, coming from 13 different countries, contested to win during the international competition flower arranging in Rakovice, Slovakia.

Each team consisted of two students. Jeanne van Slooten en Hanna Huissen, students of Wellantcollege, our vocational school at Houten, decided to spend their autumn holiday on the competition, as they represented the Dutch vocational students. Rita van Ramshorst joined them as their teacher and coach.  

According to both students a flower designer works independently most of the time but it has been informative to work together during this competition under pressure of time.

Besides, it was fun as well to compare the different approaches (traditional versus innovative) and to be able to compare the level of skills in different countries.

The assignment’s theme this time was “thanksgiving for harvest”

Eventually, the host country, Slovakia, won the competition, but our students made quite an impression with a bold design and innovative compositions. So congratulations to Jeanne van Slooten en Hanna Huisen!

Outside of the competition, contacts have been made with schools, for instance in Switzerland and Finland to see if there are possibilities to exchange students in the future.

And of course there was also a possibility to visit cultural highlights like the castle of Schönbrunn in Viennna.

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