Our courses - please be aware: at this current moment, these courses are 'Dutch only'.

  • Animal care

    Animal care 

    Domestic animals have to be taken care of by people. This is true for normal pets as well as for more exotic animals. Read more »


  • Flower & Design

    Flower & Design 

    Flowers have become an essential part of Dutch interiors; they are a crucial in styling living rooms, office spaces, and exhibition stands. Read more »


  • Food


    Food is a course which teaches you everything you need to know about food and drink. Read more »


  • International Green Business

    International Green Business 

    Exports and international trade are the Netherlands’ lifeblood. International trade is a complex business. Read more »


  • Dairy farming

    Dairy farming 

    The world’s population is still growing. To meet the ever growing demand for food, we will become ever more reliant on new technologies. Read more »


  • Green Production Plant

    Green Production Plant 

    If you look at the Netherlands from the sky, you will see a vast area covered with greenhouses: impressive but how to run such a business ? Read more »


  • Green Production Business

    Green Production Business 

    As an entrepreneurial person, either working in retail or in international trade, a trader wants to make money and this often means working hard. Read more »


  • Green Production Technology

    Green Production Technology 

    This century’s main challenge will be working towards ever faster production methods. Read more »