While your staying in Holland, you will experience lots of new things. It is impossible to tell you everything ahead. But it is fun to discover those things yourself, isn't it ?
The Dutch currency: 
the monetary unit in the Netherlands is the Euro. (€). 1 Euro is approximately $ 1,11 or £ 0,73.

Country code: for making a phone call you might need the relevant country code: it is 0031 (or +31). Then leave out the ‘0’ in the area code. For instance our Wellant number 030 - 6345 100 becomes: 0031 30 6345 100.

 Accommodation: in most cases your accommodation is tailor made. This can vary from an in house accommodation to a youth hostel.

Location: in most cases your accommodation is tailor made. This can vary from an in house accommodation to a youth hostel.

Visa: in certain cases you are in need of a visa when you want to visit the Netherlands up till 90 days. When you are an inhabitant of the EU you do not need a visum.  Click here and download the list. Do you have any doubts? Please contact your local Dutch embassy to make sure.

Vaccination: there are no vaccinations compulsory for visiting Holland.

Insurance: please take care of a proper insurance, for both your luggage and health. Please note: you may have to pay in cash in Holland in case something happens. Only later you can declare the costs with your insurance company. This means you need to be prepared and have some funds in case of an emergency.

Public transportation: Public transportation in Holland is well divided throughout Holland. To prepare your trip: click here and plan your trip. Or use the app (9292 or U-OV app).

Powerplugs: for more information about earthed, non-earthed and Europlugs, please click here.

Climate: in Holland we have a ‘temperate climate’ with relatively mild summers and winters and rainfall throughout the whole year. We owe this climate to the influence of the North Sea. Temperatures can range between 14 en 86° F (Celcius: -10°C and 30°C), depending on the period of the year. For more information: take a look here.

Typical Dutch things:  

  • In the early days and for tourists: windmills, wooden shoes and tulips (flower bulbs)
  • the colors red-white-blue and orange
  • drop (liquorice)
  • stroopwafels (two thin waffles with syrup in between)
  • hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles)
  • driving on the right side of the road
  • King’s Day (April 27th)
  • Liberation Day (May 5th)
  • The evening before (May 4th) when we remember all those who have fallen in various conflicts since World War II at 08.00 pm with 2 minutes of absolute silence.
  • Sinterklaas (December 5th) a sort of Santa Claus who comes from Spain with presents for children who have been sweet during the past year and travels back again to Spain December 6th.  For more information: please, look here.
  • Every first Monday of each month at 12.00 AM we check our air raid
For any other information, take a look at stuff Dutch people like. 


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