School administrators and managers in Europe’s VET schools are largely dealing with the same themes and would like to collaborate on these topics on an international level, according to an online survey. The survey was held amongst VET leaders in Finland, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Spanish Basque Country. The results of this research support a grassroots approach to collaboration across borders.

The research took place in April 2020 as part of the Erasmus + KA3 project "Network of Networks: International Network of VET providers - a grassroots approach", in which Wellantcollege also participates on behalf of The Dutch Alliance (TDA).


Common ground


Important topics in Wellantcollege's strategy, such as lifelong learning, personalized learning with the support of ICT and the importance of HRD, are in line with the course of the Dutch network TDA, but also emerge as important development themes for the networks from the other countries that work together within Network of Networks. The survey results are averages. Therefore, there are some differences between the individual schools and between the different networks. It is remarkable, however, that there is a common ground of topics for international cooperation.


Important themes for international cooperation


This is the top 5 key topics that respondents said should be at the heart of international cooperation, international partnerships and the Network of Networks in the coming years:


  1. Social challenges such as crisis management, immigration, unemployment of vulnerable groups, climate change.
  2. Offering international experiences and opportunities to VET students and VET teachers
  3. Continuous update of your VET teachers with what happens in companies and with industrial, digital or pedagogical trends.

4. Lifelong learning.

5. Developing digital competence in your students and teachers. 


Most important research results 


Download the appendix  (pdf) for a comparison of the most important research results.