The Erasmus+ project ANNIE (Aquaponics - New Novelty In Education) ended after 16 months at our partner school CIFEA in Molina de Segura, Spain. Approximately 70 participants took part in this final meeting from 29 November to 2 December, 2017.

The regional Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Francisco Jódar Alons, took care of the official opening. Mr. Alonso was very impressed with the results achieved during this project. Furthermore he visited the aquaponics installations of CIFEA Molina de Segura, which were built in May of this year, during a training session by students and teachers.

It was an implementation and dissemination meeting where all 13 project partners were given the opportunity to show what they have been working on in the past few months.


During a market on Thursday morning, all partners had a presentation of their implementation and dissemination strategies. In the afternoon there were three compulsory workshops on:

  • Arduino and its applications in aquaponics, provided by the Greek delegation;

  • Aquaponics and how to market this commercially, by Mr. Jos Hakkennes, Director of Duurzame Kost / Blue Acres, Eindhoven

  • Workshops by students about students and how to make them part of the learning process in aquaponics

On Friday morning the participants had two field visits. One to a lettuce processing company and a second to a fish processing factory. In the afternoon the project ended in a playful way by means of the ANNIElympics, where mainly aquaponics-oriented assignments had to be carried out by the participants. Other parts included Kahoot, Magic Fishing, Casting, Blind Tasting and a round table discussion about 'the future with ANNIE 2.5'. Also drones were flown,  fisheye pictures were taken and there was a pantomime part provided by two of the Dutch partners. At the end of the ANNIElympics the English partners treated the group on the rugby Yorkshires haka in the Yorkshire dialect.


Then the certificates were handed out and the Spanish hosts offered all participants an excellent dinner. Then, as usual at CIFEA, it was time for a piece of Murcian culture with a great flamenco performance.


It was the perfect closing of a wonderful Erasmus+ project lead by Wellantcollege.


The aquaponics workgroup on behalf of Wellantcollege consisted of Mr. Ton Stok, Mr. Sjaak Vennink, Mr. Dinus Herrewijnen, and Mr. Ary van de Heiden.