Recently a Chinese delegation from over 20 colleagues came to the Netherlands where they visited a number of vocational education institutions.

The goal was to get acquainted with the general routine within the school paying specific attention to practical levels, internships, examining and the relationship with the business community. Because there is a huge gap in China between the skills of graduate students and the needs of the business community, our guests hoped to get inspired by the Dutch situation and to discover new possibilities to improve upon such matters back in China.


Furthermore it creates possibilities for Dutch schools to exchange knowledge mutually and to contribute to the education of Chinese students. Some vocational education institutions have already started doing so.


Two members of the delegation from Jiangsu, China were guests at Wellant for over a week and visited the school-based route with fulltime education (BOL¹) and the work-based route (BBL²) as well as Life Long Learning at their own request mainly specialised in the areas of expertise concerning green space, arboriculture and flower design.


Other visits were paid to businesses who play an important role during the education of our students. The Chinese visitors witnessed how a Wellant teacher and a coach representing the work of work, jointly assessed a Wellant student's practical exam.


Our guests have indicated to be very pleased with the program offered by Wellantcollege and they would like to thank everyone who has made a contribution to their visit!

¹) in which pupils spend at least 20% and no more than 60% of their time as interns
²) in which at least 60% of their time is spent working as interns