In September a delegation of Chinese students visited Holland for three weeks. They participated in several projects. One of them was by request of a Dutch farm. The main task was to inventarise and design a farm garden. This project, including two BTEC units, saw Chinese students, Wellant teachers and Dutch companies collaborate in a practical, professional context.

The international students had the opportunity to visit 'De Polderij'  where they've had guidance of experienced Wellant teachers and Dutch companions to design a garden for a farm. At the end of the excursion they represented their design and received feedback. The outcomes were very diverse. One group designed their garden based on wind, sun or shadow. Another group had listened very good to the wishes of the customer and integrated that in their design. All of the diverse designs included something like a fireplace, edible elements and open and sheltered areas.


The students also went to 'Natuurmonumenten', where they've learned a lot about conservation and landscape management. It was a very educational trip where all had a lot of fun!