In October 2017, floristry teacher Mrs. Carla Vijverberg and teamleader Mr. Silvio Ebbers went to Bangalore, India for a demonstration and presentation about Dutch Floral Design. They were invited by the Dutch embassy for the floral design event as part of Holland Meets Bangalore. These events focused on new ideas, opportunities and friendships between India and the Netherlands.

Carla Vijverberg had the honour to represent Wellantcollege as expert at the floral event, a symbolic testament to the  importance of agriculture to India and the Netherlands. Counsellor of Agriculture, Mr. Wouter Verhey, opened this special day.


After a short introduction to Wellantcollege and the Dutch system of vocational education, Carla showed the Dutch art of floral design. Everyone was very surprised and enthousiastic about this style.

The highlight of this day was the Flower Arrangement Competition. During this floral contest the 15 attendees had to create a design, that needed to be creative ánd suit the theme of this event: sustainability. The results, judged by His Excellency Mr. Alphonsus Stoelinga, the Ambassador of the Netherlands in India, and celebrity Leela Raj Kumar (awarded the order of the raising sun by the emperor of Japan), were impressive.

The competition was followed by an interactive demonstration of Dutch Floral Design, provided by Carla. Everyone could see her techniques on a big screen, so the could follow everythin in detail, and learn and create themselves afterwards.