A delegation of Wellantcollege has visited Norin daigaku in Iwata (Shizuoka prefecture), and Atsumi Agricultural High School in Tahara (Aichi prefecture) to affirm the relationship with both partner schools in Japan. The overall objective of the visits was to celebrate the historical contacts, review the mutual relationship and ensure that the internationalization activities are strategically aligned on both sides.

Norin daigaku in Iwata, Shizuoka

After landing at Narita Airport in Tokyo, the delegates admired the cherry blossoms in the park and along the river banks before traveling to Shizuoka prefecture, to visit the Norin daigaku in Iwata. It's Shizuoka's agricultural and forestry university of applied sciences in Japan's most important agricultural prefecture. 


The agricultural faculty actively engages in fieldwork and research activities relating to the region. The curriculum covers a broad range of subjects but the principal focus is on food (production) and the environment, the two great matters of importance for humanity. Along with internationalisation, these are themes the Norin daigaku has in common with Wellantcollege. It offers good opportunities for student exchange programs.


Principal Mr. Syouzo Ito and his staff warmly welcomed the Dutch visitors, including a tour around the premises and a welcome dinner in Izakaya,  Hamamatsu in the evening.

Wellantcollege aims to foster excellence by offering a programme to students who request additional challenges during their study, e.g. an extra challenging work placement abroad.


The delegation visisted companies that may offer work placements for a challenging internship, such as  Kacho-en Flower Park (introduced Dutch greenhouses in the region), the Yamama-Masuda green tea company, and Kiwi Fruit Country Japan (pioneer of Kiwi fruit growing with a unique water supply system).

Atsumi Agricultural High School in Tahara, Aichi 

The second partner school to be visited was Atsumi Agricultural High School in Tahara (Aichi prefecture). This school and Wellantcollege have enjoyed a relationship since 1997, meaning we happily celebrated its 20th anniversary.


The festivities included a speech to all Atsumi students by Mrs. Moons, Chair of the Executive Board at Wellant, and ceremonially planting a tree to celebrate the mutual relationship that grows stronger over time. It was followed by a festive dinner.


In between all festivities, the delegates had a fruitful meeting with the director and school management, the alumni organisation and the parents teachers association, discussing a renewed mutual exchange of students between both institutions.

In the area near Tahara, the Dutch delegates also visited companies that may offer work placements for excelling Wellant students. This included excursions to modern, hi-tech greenhouse growers of flowers and vegetables, and the water management company of the peninsula.