Carola Schouten, Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, and Wellantcollege have co-signed the Green Deal for nature-inclusive agriculture.

Nature-inclusive thinking and acting - whereby nature is used as well as possible in and around the farm - is included as a fixed component in the curriculum of all green courses. Starting next year, teachers and researchers in the Dutch green education column (from pre-vocational education to university level) will collaborate on knowledge development, teacher training and educational development in the field of nature-inclusive agriculture. There will also be more focus on cooperation between educational institutions and demo learning companies in different regions.

Minister Schouten supports this substantive renewal of green education and the inclusion of nature-inclusive agriculture as integral part of the curriculum. On January 16, 2019 she signed the Green Deal for nature-inclusive agriculture in green education. Within this agreement 26 different parties, including green education institutions such as Wellant, aspire to embed nature-inclusive agriculture more firmly in green vocational education and training.

Learn more? Watch this video in which involved parties explain the importance of this Green Deal (in Dutch).