Recently a group consisting of 39 students and 3 teachers coming from Norin Daigaku at Shizuoka in Japan payed our college a visit. This Japanese school and Wellantcollege have had a relationship for many years. The International Office at Wellant took care of the diverse programme, paying attention to sustainability, and different aspects of agriculture and horticulture.


The Japanese students took a field trip to a number of modern Dutch companies such as dairy farm, a fruit farm, a tree nursery in Boskoop and a few greenhouse cultivation farms. Moreover they gained a comprehensive picture of the green educational field in the Netherlands.


Wellant Aalsmeer invited the students and staff for a day programme in school and showed them some green (land-based) companies that play an important role during the education of our students, demonstrating the close relationship between Dutch vocational education and the world of work.


Of course cultural activities were also added to the educational experience.


Developments in Japan

The Japanese agribusiness in general consists of smaller and less advanced companies. Reformation of the green industry lies at the heart of the Japanese strategy of growth. Especially since the tsunami in 2011, Japan has decided more and more in favour of smart agriculture and indoor farming. Core principles are power consumption, quality of products, food safety and labour efficiency. So Japanese schools are quite interested in the Dutch way of producing food.