At the end of October the 'Green Hotspot Houten' was opened at Wellantcollege in Houten: a unique platform where education, business and government can meet and where people can share knowledge on green topics. The Green Hotspot Houten must become an active community, both physically and online, with the aim to improve the awareness and importance of green education.

Exchange knowledge and participation

In the community, members - from students and teachers of green courses, to professionals from the business sector and the government – can contribute to current topics and issues in the green environment such as biodiversity, water management and green in urban areas. This involves exchanging knowledge and actively participating in various projects. In addition, the Green Hotspot is the place where supply and demand for work, internships, courses and training are brought together.


Collaborate to increase employability

The Green Hotspot Houten perfectly aligns with the LOASA project that Wellantcollege has been working on over the last two years. The aim of the LOASA project is to contribute to reducing the skills gap in the labour market, by developing learning units in collaboration with the industry. This ultimately leads to greater employability. The Green Hotspot Houten is the ideal setting to co-develop learning units for the green sector.


An innovative approach in education

Learning units describe the learning outcomes students should master at the end of a learning period. It leaves flexibility in where and how the students develop the required skills. This does not necessarily has to take place at school; the learning outcomes can also be acquired in a work setting or in other circumstances. Secondly, not only generic and professional skills are part of the learning outcomes, but also the highly important social-emotional skills including creativity, adaptability, persuasion and the ability to collaborate with others and manage emotion. Last but not least, the learning outcomes can be assessed throughout the whole EU and are official recognised in all EU countries as they are based on ECVET principles.

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