The Dutch Alliance (TDA) has taken the initiative to organise the second Network of Networks meeting in Finland, September 29-30, 2016. As a member of TDA, Wellantcollege took part as one of the partner schools. Other networks were from countries such as Finland, Scotland, Northern-Ireland and Spain.

The Network of Networks meeting is an instrument for partners to expand international contacts and work together on numerous topics.



The first existed of sharing the new European developments and national priorities.

The next day was used by partners to exchange project ideas and to come together to work on actual topics like:

  • 21st century skills
  • Safeguarding: the school being a ‘safe haven’
  • An alumni program for future students to help them by making the right choice of study
  • Developing STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), specifically the pedagogic and didactic challenges around calculating
  •  Cross-overs between different areas such as engineering and health (e-health).



The meeting proved itself to be valuable once again, supplying the participants with an insight on developments in the educational field in different EU countries as well as a proper amount of new project ideas and new possibilities to work together.


About The Dutch Alliance

The Dutch Alliance foundation is a strategic network of six Regional Training Centres and Wellantcollege aiming for an international cooperation in vocational educations as well as in Life Long Learning market.


TDA continuously follows the situation in Brussels closely and is well informed about policy tools developed by the EU to strengthen internationalisation in the world of education.


Every year the TDA organises study trips and training programmes for teachers and coordinators of Internationalisation to continue professionalisation, asking Erasmus+ for mobility fundings to keep costs low.


Wellantcollege notes the importance of international networks, like The Dutch Alliance, to guarantee the exchange of knowledge and to strengthen internationalisation in the educational field.