Recently Wellant Houten welcomed a group of Finnish students in the field of floristry, gardening and dairy farming, who aimed to gain professional knowledge and learn about Dutch culture. In September the Dutch students travel to Finland and follow a similar program.

Partner school

The exchange takes place in collaboration with  SASKY, one of Wellant’s partner schools in Finland. The Finnish students stayed in a hotel the first week, and at our students' homes the second week. An unforgettable, positive experience for both side. Thanks to the exchange, students at EQF level 2 also gain experience abroad during their studies.

Flower auction and Blaarkop cows

The program consisted of practical lessons, joining our students on their internships, and various field trips that matched their education and future field of work. For example, the Finnish students have visited the world's largest flower auction in Aalsmeer and have seen the Keukenhof, one of the world’s largest flower gardens, in full bloom. In addition, they have visited a farm and cheese factory with traditional Blaarkop cows and goats. They also received a training on aquaponics; a closed, sustainable system for growing food. After the theoretical part, the students continued with crafting a small aquaponic system and catching fish.

International experience for level 2 students

VET students on EQF level 3 and 4 are increasingly gaining international experience through an internship abroad. That is slightly different for level 2 students. By exchanging with a group of students under the supervision of a teacher, students at level 2 can also gain a foreign experience during their studies. The exchange has been made possible thanks to the great efforts of enthusiastic teachers and the hospitable parents who made their home available. The exchange was partly funded by Erasmus+.