Two Wellantcollege students gardening have won the bronze medal for landscape gardening’and the 'Best of Nation’ medal at EuroSkills 2018, the European Championships of young professionals. This year EuroSkills took place in Budapest, Hungary. 500 participants from 28 countries participated in 37 skills competitions.

Bronze and 'Best of Nation'

Team NL was represented by 34 young professionals. Jochem Molenaar and Willem Stougie from Wellantcollege Houten competed for best landscape gardener against 10 other countries. Their motto's 'Hard work pays off!' and ‘Don’t stop until you’re proud’ led to a bronze medal for their team effort. Denmark became second and Norway first in this category. In addition, the Wellantcollege students gardening received the 'Best of Nation' award. On top of that they received the Medal of Excellence, which was awarded to above-average performance.

Landscape gardening

The landscape gardening competition is about creating a garden as quickly and precisely as possible, including water features and constructions. The gardener must therefore master many techniques; he is a paver, carpenter, stonemason and botanist at the same time. This is what Jochem and Willem love about their work: making beautiful things with various materials. The satisfaction of the customer is also a nice reward. During the competition Jochem and Willem worked hard and they were happy with the result. This year’s assignment was to build a roof garden. An up-to-date assignment, fitting in with the aim for more green space in the city. Jochem and Willem placed a solar panel and a bee hotel in the roof garden, among other things. After the competition it was party time at the Holland House. The next edition of EuroSkills will take place in Austria in 2020. Wellantcollege aims to participate again. Students can qualify for this by winning at the national competitions: Skills Heroes.


The EuroSkills competition is big and professional, comparable to the Olympic Games. During the event, young professionals come together to compete against each other for the European title 'best professional’. There were 70,000 international visitors, including prominent international figures from politics, business and vocational education. The aim of the event is to promote craftsmanship and vocational education in Europe and to promote professional pride and the talent development of young professionals. In addition to the competitions, many other activities take place that focus on vocational orientation. This makes EuroSkills the largest vocational event in Europe.


To see Jochem and Willem in action, check out the video (Dutch).