At the end of October, the Equine Simulation Center was opened in Houten, with great interest and enthusiasm from students, teachers, famous riders, companies and the press. Students who want to work in equestrian sports can improve their horse riding skills with the equine simulator.

At Equine Sports & Management, the first bilingual green vocational course in the Netherlands, students are trained to work with the animals; for example on a breeding farm or at a riding school. Normally students receive practical education at a riding school 10 minutes away. With the simulator, riding and jumping lessons can now also be given at the college. A ride on the simulator is lifelike. On the three large screens in front of the horse you can see exactly where you are riding. In a jumping, dressage or eventing course for example. The simulator gives feedback on everything you do. Ideal for improving your posture and the use of aids.

"The big advantage of the simulator is that it stops and never runs away", says teacher Denise Verwey. "Sometimes you have students who find it scary to jump. The simulator enables you to do the same thing very often, allowing students to get used to jumping in a safe and quiet environment." However, you must wear a cap while jumping, as you can fall off the simulator if you do not move well with the jump.

Wellantcollege is always looking for ways to innovate and improve education. The equine simulator is a first, no other vocational school in the Benelux has one. Naturally, the training also continues to work with horses of flesh and blood. Students must of course continue to make hours on real horses.

Curious what it looks like? Check out the video (Dutch).