Last month, Wellantcollege provided two training courses in Sri Lanka on crop protection, with the aim of minimizing the use of pesticides (integrated pest management).

Let nature work for us

The use of pesticides is unnecessarily high in many countries, including Sri Lanka. This not only poses risks for users, consumers and the environment, but also increasingly causes export problems. There is a growing demand for certified food with requirements for waste management, social conditions at work and the use of pesticides. Examples of integrated pest management are striving for a healthy soil, and the protection of natural enemies of the unwanted organisms. If it turns out that using pesticides is necessary, it is important to do this in the most effective way possible.

Training in Sri Lanka

47 participants were trained in integrated pest management last June. The training was received with a lot of enthusiasm. There will be another training course in September. In total, around 125 advisers, employees of the Department of Agriculture and farmers will be trained. By doing this, Wellantcollege also contributes to making global agriculture more sustainable.