On the occasion of the ‘Holland Meets Pune 2016’ event series, Wellant was invited by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to conduct a workshop and demonstration of Dutch Floral Design for Indian professional florists.

Flower arrangements usually made in the Netherlands differ from the arrangements that are generally made in India. The workshop and demonstration proved to be an attractive way to learn about all aspects of contemporary Dutch floral arrangements, and getting hands-on experience in making one. All participants received a well-deserved certificate afterwards.


Dutch Ambassador Mr. Stoelinga, the Consul General of the Netherlands, Mr. Van Leeuwen, and Deputy Counselor Agriculture Mr. Krishnan, plus a range of floristry professionals from India visited Mahratta Chamber Of Commerce Industries & Agriculture in Pune to admire the resuls of the workshop and attend the demonstration.


About the workshop leader and demonstrator

Mrs. Diane Smit-Burgess is a well-experienced teacher Flower Design at Dutch vocational education and training institution Wellantcollege. She brings a lot of passion and expertise. Diane has established herself as an outstanding floral designer and great teacher. For over two decades she has been teaching Flower Design to students aged 16-20 and adults. If you are looking for inspiration, professionalism and high-quality work, Diane will deliver exceptional results.


About Wellant

Wellantcollege is the largest agricultural (pre-)Vocational Education and Training (VET) institution in Europe with over 13,000 students, 1,425 teaching staff on 23 pre-VET schools and 11 VET schools all located in the centre and west of the Netherlands. Additionally Wellantcollege provides professional courses and training as part of Lifelong Learning from the various centres of excellence that are linked to the vocational schools.