India is the largest producer of fruit in the world after China, but the quality and returns per hectare is low in most areas. Wellantcollege is part of a partnership to improve the quality of the fruit chain in India.

Due to high transport costs and import duties, the most expensive apples in the world grow in India. However, the production of apples per hectare in India is only 15% of what we produce in the Netherlands today. In addition, apples are often of inferior quality (small, damaged, little color, rot spots, scab). With the right crop protection, fertilization, fruit thinning and pruning techniques, the yield and quality will increase and the losses will decrease.

Last December Wellantcollege provided training in Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir for approximately 250 fruit growers, extension workers, students and teachers. The focus was on pruning skills, but also planting, rootstocks, soil cultivation, fertilization and crop protection were discussed. Sustainability, food safety and personal safety were covered during the training.

Wellantcollege will provide three more trainings in India until 2020. Our teachers have provided training in India, Myanmar, China and Sri Lanka in recent years. They have given training courses in the Netherlands to groups from China, South Korea, Turkey and India. Are you interested in a training in the field of crop protection, vegetable and flower cultivation, dairy farming, floristry, food processing or a related field? Then please contact our International Office for all options.