So you're looking forward to study or do an internship abroad. It's important to get prepared properly and in time. Our checklist will help avoid last-minute surprises.

Step 1. Make your choice

Are you aiming for an exchange, internship or a study unit? Start preparing as early as possible, preferably a year in advance. This way you'll have enough time to arrange everything.


Step 2. Align your education

When you have decided what you want to do at Wellant, please contact our International Office. Indeed, it is wise to make sure our curriculum aligns with your  study plans.


Step 3. Search for a school or internship abroad

Start your quest at the International Office of your current school. It saves a lot of hassle when they already have parterships with foreign schools or foreign work placement companies!


Step 4. Recognition of study credits and credentials

To ensure that the credits you earn here will also be recognized in your home country, you must make proper arrangements with your own school. Maybe you need to collect any additional information at our school or the internship company.


Step 5. Budget

You know what you want to do and it fits in your curriculum. With a good budget you find out whether you can afford it too. See if you qualify for a scholarship abroad. Do this as soon as you know what you want to do. Some scholarship programs have a deadline that is a year before the start of your study abroad or internship.


Step 6. Visas and permits

If you're from a member state of the European Union, you don't need a visa or work permit if you are going to study or work experience in another EU country. A visa or work permit for other European countries is also generally pretty easy to arrange.
If you come from outside Europe, this may be a bit more difficult sometimes and it may take longer to apply, ranging from a few days to a few months.


Step 7. Language Preparation

If you want to study in another country, it's obvious that you have to master the language of that country on a basic level. Sometimes you have to take a language test to be admitted to the institution of your choice, even when you're going to follow English-language education.


Step 8. Housing

Ask our International Office for help in finding accommodation.


Step 9. Insurance

Are you properly insured before you start to travel? Even if you have global coverage, know your insurance may not be covering in a few exceptional situations, such as when you take a job abroad or a paid internship.


Step 10. Travel

For some countries, you have to apply for a visa to be in possession of a return ticket.